Creative’s experts to share CVE insights at Public Safety Conference in Los Angeles

Three experts from Creative Associates International will discuss best practices and promising approaches to prevent and counter violent extremism at the Public Safety Conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 3.

The conference will bring together experts from international development and peacebuilding, law enforcement, youth crime and violence prevention and other fields.

The panelists will present strategies to stem radicalization and recruitment to violent extremist organizations, promote community resilience, expand opportunity to marginalized individuals at risk for violence and protect against security threats in the U.S. and abroad.

“The objectives and values behind public safety, such as prevention and mitigation, are exactly what the CVE field needs to embrace. Improving cohesion within and between communities is vital for our collective safety,” says Paul Turner, Senior Conflict Advisor at Creative, which is sponsoring the conference in partnership with Hospitals Against Violence Empowering Neighborhoods.

Along with panelists from other organizations, Turner will address best practices for strengthening community resilience that may buffer vulnerable groups from radicalization. He will also explore the characteristics of these groups internationally versus home-grown threats.

Turner will be joined by Creative’s Director of Citizen Security Enrique Roig, who will share successful whole-of-community approaches used in Central America to reduce crime and counter gang violence, as well as evidence-based programs to lower risk factors of youth most vulnerable to violence.

Along with other practitioners, Roig will discuss how successful gang violence prevention models can offer lessons for lowering risk levels of young people most likely to join violent extremist organizations.

Creative’s Sid Balman, Director of Transnational Initiatives, will address factors leading to radicalization and the role of public campaigning in building a viable counter-narrative as part of a comprehensive strategy to prevent radicalization to violent extremism.

Creative’s presenters will be joined by keynote speaker Erroll G. Southers, Director of Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California; Humera Khan, Executive Director of Muflehun, a resource center specializing in preventing radicalization and countering violent extremism; Joumana Silyan-Saba, Director of Strategies Against Violent Extremism in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety; and others.

For almost 40 years, Creative has supported communities to address root causes of violent extremism, spearheading successful development programs in more than 85 countries.

Creative’s “whole-of-society” approach engages local, regional, national and international actors in the research, design and implementation of complementary and multi-level approaches to development and countering violent extremism.

Creative leverages evidence-based solutions to address root causes by promoting credible counter-narratives, engaging marginalized communities and applying good governance practices.

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