#WomenandCVE tweetchat to explore role of women & girls in CVE

Women can and should play a larger role in identifying and reducing the root causes that drive individuals to radicalization and possible violent extremism, said experts at the CVE Symposium in Washington, D.C.

Join us on Twitter to continue the conversation on this pressing topic Monday, May 9, at Noon EDT. The tweetchat will explore the role of women and girls in countering violent extremism.

Experts will address topics from women’s influence preventing and countering violent extremism to their roles in recruiting and radicalizing youth to join extremists groups.

What: #WomenandCVE tweetchat on the role of women and girls in countering violent extremism

When: Monday, May 9 from 12-1 pm EDT


  • Rekha Mehra, Senior Associate and Gender expert with Creative Associates International
  • Allison Peters Senior Policy Adviser with The Institute for Inclusive Security

Moderator: @CVECommunity

How to Participate: Follow us on Twitter and join the conversation. Tag your tweets with #WomenandCVE.

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